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Jan 2014 Freeze at Hurst Creek Waterfall
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October 2020

Our first fall workday is scheduled for Sat. Oct. 10th. Please arrive at City Park upper parking lot by 8AM. Be sure to wear appropriate personal protection equipment (face mask, safety glasses, gloves) and maintain social distancing. We will be breaking into work groups (of less than 10) and spreading out from there to work on the following projects. Some of the projects will require chain saw work so bring ear protection as well. Since the weather will be very warm bring your own water bottles. Leather work gloves are recommended for most projects.

City Park
1. Remove five dead trees in City Park and haul off to Public Works Dumpster
2. Repair eroded Barnes Garden trail by installing cedar log steps.
3. Finish split rail fencing along concrete path by Barnes Garden.
4. Fill in ditch along concrete pathway from the upper bathroom down to the Butterfly Garden with roadbase.
6. Clear out brush in area north of dog run for easier visibility.

Hamilton Greenbelt
1. HGB work on drainage culverts to drain water from trail.
2. HGB work on erosion control by trail.

No lunch will be served this workday. The board is looking into safe options and hope to bring lunch back for the November workday.
Family enjoying the HGB I entrance bench. (click to enlarge)
Family enjoying the HGB I entrance bench. Photo by Sondra Morton

Turtle sunning on a rock in Hurst Creek near Justice Center. (click to enlarge)
Turtle sunning on a rock in Hurst Creek near Justice Center. Photo by Jim Dunn

September 2020

Message from Carl

Dear Friends of the Parks members and volunteers

     We are hoping to pickup volunteer activities sometime this fall, but on a limited basis until the pandemic subsides. See what a beautiful job some of our FOP members have done at the entrance to Hamiton Greenbelt during the late spring and summer months. I did speak to Sheryl Morgan at Lakeway Parks and Rec. and FoP can work in groups of 10 or less and practice social distancing. Sheryl said City Park has had a lot of hard use, but didnít go into detail as to what that meant. She said many parks and trails in Austin are closed and so Lakeway has been the place to come to.

     As you are aware, we have postponed all FOP activities until the fall when we can re-evaluate the pandemic status. In the fall, we have several projects to complete in City Park and on the various trails. No update on hosting the Wilderness Run in late October.

     We will be back in Lakeway mid-September and will be able to spell yíall. The Board members will schedule a meeting in early October to discuss possible FOP activities for the rest of the year.

Thanks again!
Chair of FOP
FOP volunteers working the HGB I entrance garden. (click to enlarge)
FOP volunteers working the HGB I entrance garden wearing masks. Photo by Carl Christensen

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Fishing in Colorado. (click to enlarge)
Fishing in Colorado. Photo by Carl Christensen

April 2020

One or more people had fun painting messages on small rocks and placing them along the HGB I trail. I had fun finding and taking photographs. Did you see any of these rocks? I believe someone responsed with messages painted in red letters but I did not get any photos.

The Fire Department cut and mulched trees along the Duck Lake trail in April. Heavy rains in April had water flowing in the Duck Lake creek (wet weather only stream).

Are you looking for me? (click to enlarge)
Are you looking for me? Photo by Jim Dunn

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Duck Lake Creek mineral terraces (click to enlarge)
Duck Lake Creek mineral terraces after heavy April rains. Photo by Jim Dunn

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May 2020

I so enjoy the parks and could spend hours at the bird blind. Took this (picture of a painted bunting) today and wanted to again express my admiration for the work your group performs.

Charles Bennett

Thank you Charles for your kind words. I will pass them on to all others involved in keeping up the bird blind. That is one of the best pictures I have ever seen of a painted bunting. We recently changed the seed mix in the round feeder on the left side of the feeding area.

Bernie Reding

I saw these two by the bird blind yesterday. I think the snake was laying in the middle of the trail sleeping. I thought he was dead at first, but he awakened when I got a stick to move him. The deer was up the trail and I was surprised at his dark fur.


The Thunderbirds had a fly-over the hospital at Lakeway on May 17th.

Painted bunting (click to enlarge)
Painted bunting at the FOP bird blind. Photo by Charles Bennett

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Trail snake (click to enlarge)
Snake on the HGB trail. Photo by Carl Christensen.

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Thunderbird flying over Lakeway (click to enlarge)
Thunderbirds flying over Lakeway. Photo by Jim Dunn

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June 2020

Here are some photos of our Purple Martins. We have 143 new chicks and 36 eggs.

Here are a few photos of the Purple Martin colony at City Park. The FOP installed these houses in January 2019 and we had 88 chicks hatch last year. Several of our FOP members check on the birds each week. Yesterday, we took inventory of the colony and counted 143 chicks and 36 eggs yet to be hatched. It is a wonderful sight to see the success we have had with this colony. Funds for the procurement and installation of this cloony was provided by the Lakeway Civic Corporation and by the Lakeway Wildbird Center. I hope you all have the opportunity to see the Purple Martins before they migrate south back to Brazil. They will begin their migration sometime in mid July.

Carl Christensen

The wild flowers in the Hamilton Greenbelt continued to bloom into early June. Some of these flowers are the results of FOP sowing wildflower seeds at various meadows in the greenbelt and along the trails.

A small group of FOP volunteers continued to tend and cultivate the gardens at the entrance to the Hamilton Greenbelt. They were supported by the people working for the Lakeway Park and Recreation department.

Purple Martin chicks (click to enlarge)
Purple Martin chicks. Photo by Carl Christensen.

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Lemon Mint (click to enlarge)
Lemon Mint flowers along the HGB trail. Photo by Bob Schooler.

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HGB entrance (click to enlarge)
A family enjoying the HGB entrance. Photo by Carl Christensen.

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July 2020

A dragonfly graced the water feature at the entrance of Hamilton Greenbelt.

A cross vine flower wrapped around the fence rail at the garden at entrance.

Dragonfly (click to enlarge)
Red dragonfly resting near the pond. Photo by Sondra Morton.

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Cross vine flower (click to enlarge)
Cross vine flower in the entrance garden. Photo by Sondra Morton.

August 2020

The beauty of the entrance to the Hamilton Greenbelt. Our group of FOP volunteers really are keeping the garden in tip-top shape in spite of the summer heat.

Pat and his dog enjoying the bench in the garden at the Hamilton Greenbelt entrance.

Beautiful greenery (click to enlarge)
Beautiful greenery. Photo by Doris McDermott.

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Pat enjoying the garden (click to enlarge)
Pat and his dog enjoying the garden bench. Photo by Doris McDermott.

Message from Carl

Dear Friends of the Parks members and volunteers

     I would like to wish all of you a healthy and happy Easter and Passover. Thank you for all you do with Friends of the Parks (FOP). I hope this finds all of you healthy and coping with the situation we are all living with for this time. It is a very unusual time with the COVID-19 Pandemic. It appears we will be living this way for many days to come, but it affects all of us, and the entire World. This is a good time for us to reflect how fortunate we are to live in Lakeway and all of its amenities (Hamilton Green Belt, Smith Green Belt, City Park, etc.) I can list many more, but Iím sure you get my gist, Thanks to all of you, these places exist and are maintained to a large extent by the FOP.

     On the bright side, this is a good time to spend more time with your family and loved ones which we often do not do because of our busy lives and other activities. Now is a good time to take up a new hobby you always wanted to do, read a book you have on the shelf, finish a project you started many months ago, but never finished or even clean out a closet. As you are aware, we have postponed all FOP activities until the fall when we can resume them after the pandemic has subsided. In the fall, we have several projects to complete in City Park and on the various trails. It is our hope to have the Wilderness Run in late October. Much planning has gone into this event and we have had many sponsors sign up to support the event. As you know, the Wilderness Run is our only fund-raising event of the year and we depend on it to provide funds for our continuing maintenance of Lakeway parks and trails.

     Finally, I wish you a safe, healthy Easter and Passover. We will see you in the fall after this situation has passed. We will come through this and will learn much from it. It may lead to new medical discoveries as to how to deal with something like this in the future. It always amazes me how talented and creative we can be in times of duress and stress, and Iím sure this pandemic will result in new ideas and inventions to prevent this occurrence from ever happening again.

     Finally, stay safe and shelter in place. As the CDC has recommended, wash your hands often with soap and warm water, do not touch your face. I would recommend you only congregate with your immediate family members and keep a safe distance from other people as much as possible.

Carl Christensen, PhD
Chair of FOP

Messages from other Board members

Dar Moneyhon

On Mar 30, 2020, at 12:36 PM,

With my gym closed have been spending more time outdoors, suspect you are doing the same, ran into Dan and Kim at City Park Saturday. If not, like many other places in the country, people are flooding to our parks and greenbelts. Hamilton and Palos Verdes entrances both packed with cars, many people parking at the Justice Center. Cars lined up on Trophy Drive some parking at Swim Center and yesterday, 5 cars at Bisset Court, a first for me. Families walking, having picnics at City Park, biking, kayaking, some hanging hammocks, sitting on benches reading, all I saw were maintaining social distancing and parking was very crowded. Yesterday, went under Highlands Blvd and into the trail system across the way. Have never seen anyone there, yesterday, multiple couples and families. One woman, with kids, from Rough Hollow, asked me if the trail went to the Lake and how far? Appeared to be first timer. It looks as if the developer has rerouted and made trail improvements. Did not go to far, will explore more. Have been on some trails I havenít walked in a long time. Playgrounds, b-ball courts, dog park and skate park all with closed notices.

Our greenspace is a real treasure in these difficult times.


Bill Freas

AMEN! Walking in HGB Sat Clare and I met family's from New York and Sweden. Both had moved to LT area 10 months ago and this was first time in Lakeway GBs.


Larry Yancey

You are exactly right. I walked the Highland trail yesterday. I was surprised at all the work and the new bridge. I always try to mention to all the new people I meet that a lot of the work done in the parks was by FOP. I always try to invite them to be a part of our group.


Larry Y.

Photos from members are here.

March 2019

Purple Martins have arrived at City Park.

Blue bonnets and other wildflowers are starting to bloom!

Upcoming Events
  • March workday CANCELLED.
  • April Board meeting CANCELLED.
  • April workday CANCELLED
  • Wilderness Run to be RESCHEDULED
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  • Family membership dues for 2020, pay by mail, click here or pay in person at our workday, contact our Treasurer Sondra Morton.
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  • Photos of Birds, flowers, waterfalls and brush cutting

Purple Martins arrive (click to enlarge)
Purple Martins arrive at City Park! Photo by Carl Christensen.

    March 14th Work Day Cancelled

  • Message from FOP Chair Carl Christensen
    • I am announcing cancellation of this Sat. Mar. 14th workday due to rain threat and concerns over COVID-19.

March blooms (click to enlarge)
March blooms! Photo by Jim Dunn.

February 2019

Work projects
City Park
1. Fill in along new concrete path from upper restroom with road base.
2. Finish the installation of split rail fence by Barnes Garden
3. Clear out rubbish and bushes, cedar saplings and deadfall limbs etc. from area south of kayak launch by lake.
4. Began to clean up lake shore by Blume plaque and all along lake shore south of there. The City of Lakeway will provide a truck to haul debris form all areas. We will dump trees limbs and debris by dumpster at Public Works yard off of Serene Hills drive.
5. Clean out Butterfly Garden area and prep for planting on March workday.
6. Clean out cedar saplings and brush area east of dog run entrance down to new restroom.
7. Remove cedar saplings from City Park.
8. Take down broken oak limb on Duck Lake trail.
Upcoming Events
  • February workday will be Sat. 2/8 starting at 8AM at the Pavilion in City Park.
  • March Board meeting will be Mon. 3/2 6:30PM at the LAC.
  • March workday will be Sat. 3/14 starting at 8AM at the Pavilion in City Park.
  • Save the DATE : Sat. Apr. 18th, Wilderness Run
  • We have a Facebook page being administered by Dan Moyer
    Lakeway Friends of the Parks
  • For those who shop on Amazon, FOP is now a listed charitable organization and can receive 0.5% of your Amazon purchase.
    Navigate to, login, select "Change Your Charity" and search for "Friends of the Park" located in Lakeway, TX
    and click on the Select button.
  • Family membership dues for 2020, pay by mail, click here or pay in person at our workday, contact our Treasurer Sondra Morton.
  • FOP encourages you to purchase an annual family membership for the Lakeway Activity Center, it helps FOP retain access to the meeting rooms at LAC plus providing you with discounts at LAC events.
  • See all the workday photos here.

Leslie shows flowers (click to enlarge)
Leslie Lilly shows transformed meadow near Lady Bird Lake. Photo by Jim Dunn.

New kiosk (click to enlarge)
New kiosk being constructed in the greenbelt. Photo by Bill Freas.

Workday Report

The day got off to a good start with twenty-three volunteers.

Ron Moore John Wilkins David Conner Dennis Gans
Kathie King Doris McDermott Carol Ferree Carol Linn
Allison WinchesterSondra Morton Linda Mackie Emily Haeussler
Mike Light Dan Moyer Jim Dunn Elmer Tyler
Pat McDermott Mary Ann KendallCarl ChristensenKathleen Christensen
Paul Jacobs Lorraine TallentJudy Hazen Clare Freas
Deane Willis Bill Freas    

Jackets, coats, head gear and gloves came off soon as the people started working on the following projects. We had twenty-six volunteers by the end of the workday. See all the workday photos here.

City Park

o Garden Work
On Saturday, February 8, FOP workers Sondra Morton, Linda Mackie, Kathie King, Allison Winchester, Carol Ferree, Carol Linn, Doris McDermott, and Kathleen Christensen worked at three gardens: planting at the Hamilton Greenbelt entrance; weeding and cleaning the Butterfly Garden, readying it for March planting; and tackling the initial cleanup of the Barnes Garden. The Barnes Garden will need more attention throughout the spring, culminating in planting. As a result of the morning's work, Kathieís pickup was heaped high with brush, which Kathie drove to the Public Works yard and unloaded.
submitted by Kathleen Christensen

o Trail improvement
Dan Moyer, Mary Ann Kendall, Emily Haeussler, Bill Freas and Lorraine Tallent used shovels and a wheelbarrow to move road base provided by the City of Lakeway. They placed the road base along both edges of the new sidewalk that goes from the bathrooms by the Pavilion down to the Butterfly Garden. After placing the road base by the sidewalk, it was tamped down. Then rocks were placed along the edge of the road base to help control water flow going down the hill.
submitted by Jim Dunn

o Fence building
The day started off at the FOP shed. Carl and Mike tried to get the hydraulic jack hammer attached to the Kubota to work. After calling Lance and having a city employee rush over the hammer started working but with a oil leak. Then Bill backed the Kubota down the trail to the site where the post holes were to be dug. At that point the jack hammer refused to work again. The team of Mike Light, Jim Dunn and Bill Freas used a rock bar, post hole digger and a shovel to excavate six holes for the fence. Lorraine Tallent, Mary Ann Kendall and Emily Haeussler assisted us by mixing concrete in a wheelbarrow. We went slightly high tech as Mike used his cell phone as a level to set the fence posts in a vertical position. The split cedar rails were inserted in each post as the post was set in concrete. At the end of the workday we had installed a fifty foot section of split cedar fencing along the new sidewalk next to the Barnes Garden. Thanks goes to Dan, Carl, Doris and Lorraine for taking pictures of the workgroups. At the end of the workday Elmer Tyler was collecting yellow ribbons from the cedar trees near the Pavilion.
submitted by Jim Dunn

o Park Cleanup
During the first part of the morning John Wilkins, David Conner and Pat McDermott removed cedar saplings from an area around the dog park. After they loaded their brush pile into the dump truck they joined the group working by the lake shore. That group was composed of Elmer Tyler, Dennis Gans, Ron Moore and Carl Christensen. They removed debris from the area around the kayak boat launch location and several dump truck loads were removed. Elmer's chain saw tangled with a copper electric wire and Mike Light came to the rescue.
submitted by Carl Christensen and Pat McDermott

Patís group was assisted by Elmer Tyler who limbed up (per guidelines provided by the City of Lakeway) trees by the dog park. Then Elmer joined Ron Moore and Dennis Gans and Paul Jacobs in the area south of the kayak launch near the receding lake shore line. Elmer cut brush while Ron lopped and stacked and Paul untangled and stackedthe brush. Dennis used the wheeled cutter on any grass and small brush he could get to. We filled up the dump truck with our cuttings at the end of the workday. We could probably use another workday to finish the job.
submitted by Elmer Tyler

Lunch @ 11:45

o Brats, buns & beans, veggies, fruit and desserts
Volunteers: Doris McDermott, Judy Hazen, Kathleen Christensen, Carol Ferree, Sondra Morton, Clare Freas, Deane Willis, L Moore
submitted by Judy Hazen

sign in (click to enlarge)
Volunteers signing in at the beginning of the workday. Photo by Jim Dunn.

Butterfly Garden (click to enlarge)
Cleaning up the Butterfly Garden. Photo by Lorraine Tallent.

sidewalk (click to enlarge)
Mary Ann and Dan spreading road base along the new sidewalk. Photo by Carl Christensen.

slurry (click to enlarge)
Lorraine mixing concrete slurry for setting fence posts. Photo by Jim Dunn.

Brush crew (click to enlarge)
The crew that filled the dump truck with brush and deadfall debris. Photo by Carl Christensen.

lunch time (click to enlarge)
The hungry volunteers enjoying the brats and sides. Photo by Dan Moyer.

See all the workday photos here.

2020 Annual Membership Meeting

Sixty two members attended the meeting. A wonderful meal was served along with desserts. Our meal assistance provided by Cindy & Marty Berdan, Kathleen Christensen, Debbie Caporal, Jerry Cooper, Coral Ferree, Donna Ferrie, Judy & Fred Hazen, Sheryl Kelly, Doris & Pat McDermott, Sondra Morton, Carlisle Pearson and Elmer Tyler.

A short business meeting was called to order after the meal. A moment of silence was held for three FOP members whose work was completed in 2019. They were Wayne King, Bob Sauerman and Michael Miller. The 2019 meeting minutes and treasurer's reports were approved by the membership. Chairman Jim Dunn reviewed the 2019 workday activities while Carl Christensen spoke on our Purple Martin housing project, Sheryl Kelly recapped the 2019 Wilderness Run and presented plans for a revamped 2020 Run in April. Dar Moneyhon provided an update on our blue ribbon 4th of July Parade float and our successful Volksmarch through the Canyonlands in November. Volunteers of the year Carlisle Pearson and David Cross were recognized by Jim Dunn. A plaque was awarded to Judy Hazen for seventeen years of service to our organization.

Event photos are here

New slate of Board members and officers were approved by the membership. They are
Chair Carl Christensen
Vice-Chair Dar Moneyhon
Secretary Dan Moyer
Treasurer Sondra Morton
Past-Chair Jim Dunn
Director Pat McDermott
Director Bill Freas
Director Bernie Reding
Director Carol Linn
Director Larry Yancey

After the business meeting was adjourned, Leslie Lilly of The Trail Foundation gave a presentation on the Butler trail system around Lady Bird Lake. The presentation is available by clicking here. This is a very large PDF file and will take many seconds to download.

Please plan on attending our annual membership meeting on Thursday, Jan. 30th starting at 6PM at the Lakeway Activity Center. The meeting is open to the public. We will have a meal at 6:30PM for the membership, a short business meeting at 7PM and then a presentation titled "Natural Areas Management and Urban Forestry in Downtown Austin, Tx" from our guest speaker, Leslie Lilly, from The Trail Foundation (TTF) of Austin at 7:30PM. She is the Conservation Director for TTF which works to protect, enhance, and connect the Ann and Roy Butler Hike-and-Bike Trail at Lady Bird Lake.

Reservations for the BBQ meal are closed but all are welcome to attend the business meeting at 7PM and/or hear the Guest Speaker at 7:30PM.

Bio: With more than 10 years of academic and professional experience, Leslie Lilly has extensive knowledge of native Texas plants, Texas ecosystems and sustainable landscape design. Her past work and research have focused on everything from fire ecology and invasive species GIS (Geographic Information Systems) modeling to wetland plant communities and symbiotic relationships. Leslie formerly worked for US Fish and Wildlife as a GIS analyst and wildland firefighter, working on the restoration and management of endangered bird habitats. As the Conservation Director for The Trail Foundation, Leslie oversees and implements all of the ecological restoration programs and projects for the over 200 acres of Town Lake Metro Park and wetland restoration projects on Lady Bird Lake. She is also a proud Texas Master Naturalist.

The meal will once again be from It's All Good BBQ to be served at 6:30PM. The meal is free to all current 2020 FOP family members or $15 per person if you are not a member of FOP. You can pay your 2020 FOP dues at the registration desk starting at 6PM. You can print out a form and fill it out before the meeting by clicking here.

In order to use the meeting room in the Lakeway Activity Center, we have been requested to have our FOP members join the Lakeway Activity Center as members. Residents of Lakeway are asked to pay $30 per household to join. Please consider joining the LAC for beneficial access to the Center and the activities that go on all year long that are not FOP related. Visit for more information or call 512-261-1010 for more information. You are also welcome to drop by their front desk anytime they are open.

Registration table (click to enlarge)
Registration table manned by Sheryl, Sondra and Bernie. Photo by Jim Dunn.

membership meeting (click to enlarge)
FOP membership meeting. Photo by Dan Moyer.

Jim reviewing 2019 activities (click to enlarge)
Jim reviewing 2019 activities. Photo by Dan Moyer.

Leslie Lilly, guest speaker (click to enlarge)
Leslie Lilly from The Trail Foundation will be our guest speaker at our Thu. 1/30 annual business meeting.

New Trail Maps for the Parks of Lakeway

The website link that takes you to the Parks Interactive Map page is Interactive Map Link.

This link will take you directly to the Canyonlands trails: Canyonlands. I hope it loads for you this time. If it hangs up while loading, try hitting Refresh or Reload in your browser.

When you click on the trails, the trail name and distance will show in a popup box. Hikers can track their location on their smartphone by tapping the crosshairs.

The Boy Scouts will map the emergency markers, scenic views and other amenities in the Canyonlands one Saturday in October (date to be determined). If I can GPS all of the smaller Canyonlands trails Thursday morning, then I should be able to add them into the online interactive map by next week.

Thanks so much for keeping the Friends of the Parks informed. Please donít hesitate to contact me if you have any more questions and concerns.

Carrie Burns, Forester
City of Lakeway

Friends of the Parks is a group of citizens who enjoy the rewards of volunteer service in the parks and greenbelts areas of Lakeway. Monthly Saturday morning work sessions provide opportunities for all levels of service, whether it is tree maintenance, general cleanup or tending memorial gardens at City Park. A few of the hardier members help build and maintain hiking/biking trails in the Hamilton Greenbelts and the Canyonlands Natural Area. Still others provide food for our workday picnics. For information contact Bernie Reding 512-261-5633 or email Bernie

Friends of the Parks sponsors one annual community event which is the annual Wilderness Run/Walk event on the Hamilton Greenbelt trails on the third Saturday of April. The goal of this event is to encourage citizens to get out and enjoy the beauty of the greenbelts and parks of the City of Lakeway.

Friends of the Parks of Lakeway is a 501 (c) 3, Federal Tax Exempt Organization. Donations made to this organization may be tax deductible; check with your tax advisor.

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