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FOP Board meeting scheduled for Mon. Feb 6th, 6:30PM at LAC

Feb. Workday will be Sat. Feb. 11

Jan. workday was held Sat. Jan. 14 at 8AM Details here

Annual FOP Membership meeting was Wed. Jan. 25, 2017 Details here

Dec. workday was Sat. Dec. 10 at 8AM Details here

Nov. Workday was Sat. Nov. 12, 2016 Details here

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Contact FOP Treasurer Bernie Reding 512-261-5633 or email

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Jan 2014 Freeze at Hurst Creek Waterfall
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Feb 2017

Upcoming Events
  • February's FOP workday will be Sat. 11th. City Park, HGB entrance and the Bird Blind will be the main projects.
  • Wilderness Run/Walk in April

Visit the FOP website at for more information.
City Park (click to enlarge)
Lake Travis rises up at City Park.
February Workday Projects
o City Park - Replant several trees.
o Hamilton Greenbelt - Work on Bird Blind trail, Work on new entrance to the HGB I
o Hot lunch - TBA

January 2017

Upcoming Events
  • January's FOP workday was held Sat. 14th. The weather was in the lower 50s but no rain during the morning.
  • Annual FOP Membership meeting Wed. Jan. 25, 2017
  • Wilderness Run/Walk in April

Visit the FOP website at for more information.
Volunteers resurfacing a trail (click to enlarge)
Volunteers resurfacing the Duck Lake access trail in HGB I.
January Workday Projects
o City Park - Bernie Reding and his volunteers worked on dead tree removal and cutting cedar posts.
o Hamilton Greenbelt - Bill Freas and volunteers worked on the lower section of the Duck Lake trail erosion control project while Dar Moneyhan's group did clean-up around the waterfall at Sailmaster
o Hot lunch was served at the Pavilon in City Park starting at 11:30 featuring steaming Italian meatballs on buns, salad and pasta sides followed by homemade desserts.

Annual Membership Meeting

Upcoming Events
  • Sat. Jan. 14th FOP workday 8AM
  • Annual FOP Membership meeting Wed. Jan. 25, 2017

Visit the FOP website at for more information.
Hurst Creek Waterfall Icicles (click to enlarge)

Hurst Creek Waterfall Icicles Sat. Jan. 7th

Notice of Annual Membership Meeting

All Lakeway residents and interested folks are cordially invited to attend the annual membership meeting of Lakeway Friends of the Parks (FOP) on Wednesday, January 25, 2017 at the Lakeway Activity Center, 105 Cross Creek, Lakeway, Texas 78734. Registration begins at 6:00 PM. A BBQ dinner will be served at 6:30 PM followed by a business meeting and speaker at 7:00 PM.

The meeting is open to the public and the BBQ dinner will be free for all paid members. Family membership dues are $15 per year and may be paid at the door. Non-members and guests fees are $10 per person. Please make reservations by noon on Friday, January 20 by contacting Bernie Reding at 512-261-5633 or emailing him at

This is a great opportunity for the Lakeway community to learn more about our local habitat and the continuing efforts of the Lakeway Friends of the Parks. Membership is open to anyone interested in working with this dedicated volunteer group of men and women as they strive to maintain the parks and greenbelts in Lakeway. They build and maintain natural hike and bike trails, bridges, overlooks and birding blinds throughout the park system.

Come and meet these folks and enjoy a wonderful evening of good food and an interesting program. Do consider membership in Lakeway Friends of the Parks for the whole family to support the efforts of this dedicated volunteer group! For additional membership information, contact Bernie Reding at 261-5633 or visit our website at .

Pat recognizes Bernie (click to enlarge)

Pat presents Bernie with photo album of the bird blind construction project


Upcoming Events
  • Sat. Dec. 10th FOP workday 8AM
  • Sat. Jan. 14th FOP workday 8AM
  • Annual FOP Membership meeting Wed. Jan. 25, 2017

Visit the FOP website at for more information.
Volunteers at City Park (click to enlarge)

Volunteers gather at the parking lot for the December workday
Workday photos click here!
December Workday Projects
Volunteers checked-in at the Pavilon in City Park at 8AM to assist on several projects around Lakeway.

Bernie reports that the birding blind in HGBII passed the final construction inspection! The next step is to complete the walkway to the blind from the trail, construct a fence and install bird feeders and water stations.
Birding blind construction (click to enlarge)

Birding blind construction during the month of September.
City Park
Pat McDermott, Ron Moore and Bernie Reding spent the workday in City Park trimming agaves, removing many agave pups, removing dead trees and low hanging limbs, removing limbs interfering with the madrone tree.
submitted by Bernie Reding
Ron trimming an agave plant at City Park (click to enlarge)

Ron Moore and Pat McDermott work on trimming an agave plant at City Park. Photo by Bernie Reding
Hamilton Greenbelt
A team lead by Dan Moyer re-routed the upper primitive trail near the MUD pond. The original trail had developed a long wet muddy spot on an incline. The re-routed trail stayed higher up on the hill to go above the seep and then re-connected with the trail near the Hurst Hollow access road. Team members were Tony, Elmer, Lorraine, Trey, Dan and Jim.

submitted by Jim Dunn

Lucy, Allison, Mike, Gary and Dar worked in Hamilton Greenbelt off Clubhouse Drive cutting up downed and tangled trees to get the trees down on the ground to allow them to decay faster and reduce the visual clutter.

submitted by Dar Moneyhan
Primitive trail workers Tony, Elmer, Lorraine, Trey and Dan (click to enlarge)

Hamilton Greenbelt II primitive trail workers Tony, Elmer, Lorraine, Trey and Dan. Photo by Jim Dunn
no projects this month at this greenbelt.
Workday photos click here!
No Lunch was served at this workday, :-(

November Workday

Upcoming Events
  • Sat. Nov. 12th was the November FOP workday
  • Mon. Dec. 5th will be the FOP Board meeting at the Lakeway Activity Center, 6:30PM
  • Sat. Dec. 10th will be the December FOP workday

Visit the FOP website at for more information.

The November workday projects are :
City Park : Trimming and flood cleanup at the north end of City Park plus some trimming near the Wildflower Meadow.
Canyonlands : Trail trimming starting at the buzzard tower plus deadfall tree removal.
HGB I : Repair eroded sections of the crushed granite trail.
HGB II : Trim back vegetation along trails in Hurst Hallow and remove/trim trees that are leaning into the primitive trails.
Lunch : Judy will be serving chili and Doris is bringing cornbread plus the usual desserts!
2012 cactus garden at buzzard tower in Canyonlands (click to enlarge)
BEFORE : 2012 cactus garden at buzzard tower in Canyonlands

2016 cactus garden at buzzard tower in Canyonlands (click to enlarge)
NOW : 2016 cactus garden at buzzard tower in Canyonlands

We had over fifty volunteers at our November workday Sat. Nov. 12th.

Workday photos click here!

City Park
We had a large group of Friends of the Parks members and a group of mothers and daughters who chose to work in City Park. Due to the large number of volunteers, we split into groups. Activities included were: trimming around second entrance to the park, trimming tall grass along the road, trimming and weeding the Cactus Garden and mowing and trimming tall grass and weeds around trees along the trail to the Wildflower Meadow. Dennis Gans spent the whole workday behind a Bearcat mower. FOP members who worked were Mike Taylor, Lorraine Tallent, Bob Schooler, Dennis Gans and Bernie Reding.

submitted by Bernie Reding

Pat McDermott and Dave Cross lead crews that removed dead cedar trees and cleaned out mounds of debris from City Park.

submitted by Pat McDermott
A mother/daughter team assist in the Cactus Garden (click to enlarge)

A mother/daughter team assist in the Cactus Garden
Volunteers clearing cedars (click to enlarge)

Volunteers clearing cedars in City Park

Friends of the Parks is a group of citizens who enjoy the rewards of volunteer service in the parks and greenbelts areas of Lakeway. Monthly Saturday morning work sessions provide opportunities for all levels of service, whether it is tree maintenance, general cleanup or tending memorial gardens at City Park. A few of the hardier members help build and maintain hiking/biking trails in the Hamilton Greenbelts and the Canyonlands Natural Area. Still others provide food for our workday picnics. For information contact Bernie Reding 512-261-5633 or email Bernie

Friends of the Parks sponsors one annual community event which is the annual Wilderness Run/Walk event on the Hamilton Greenbelt trails on the third Saturday of April. The goal of this event is to encourage citizens to get out and enjoy the beauty of the greenbelts and parks of the City of Lakeway.

Friends of the Parks of Lakeway is a 501 (c) 3, Federal Tax Exempt Organization. Donations made to this organization may be tax deductible; check with your tax advisor.

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